Doubletree Farm - Spotted Draft Horses
Welcome to Doubletree Farm located  in Henry County, Kentucky - 2 miles from New Castle. New Castle is approx. 35 miles NE of Louisville via I-71. Owners, Robert and Ginny Ethington have been raising draft horses for over 30 years and spots for 13. They specialize in Premium Registered  Spotted Draft Horses.  Their Spotted Draft Stud is Doubletree Apache Chief - Premium Stallion, Black & White Homozygous Tobiano.  They have fillies, colts, mares and geldings for sale.  These flashy spotted horses are especially popular for driving, riding and working.  These horses are registered with the North American Spotted Draft Horse Association. See link at bottom of page.
Henry County, Kentucky
Owners - Robert L. & Ginny Ethington
Phone -   1-502-845-2768
Mobile -   1-502-706-0191   Bob
Mobile -   1-502-641-8909   Ginny
Email -
address-  2324 S. Property Rd
                Eminence, KY 40019
Cindy Ethington Douglas & Striker
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Robert Ethington with Striker after winning Blue Ribbon
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Doubletree Apache Chief - Standing at Stud