Our home is located in central Nebraska where we farm/ranch. Our diversified "zoo" includes Angus beef cattle, horses, dairy goats, poultry, honeybees, and working border collies. Along with these we raise corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and cane.

You will find that most of this web-site is devoted to my herd of dairy goats.

We appreciate your interest in our animals and please feel free to e-mail us with any questions. Our breeding goal is to produce animals that exhibit good breed character, milk well, and maintain a high long lactation. We aspire to develop deep, productive, classy does with excellent longevity.

The dairy herd started in January of 1998 with two grade nubian does and 4 kids. Soon after buying these animals research lead us to discover more about CAE. As a result we yearly test all does for CAE and raise kids on a pasteurized milk program. Luckily for us the first 6 goats were CAE negative and we have maintained this status by buying only from quality CAE negative herds.

All goats are wormed with Ivomec and Valbazen. We use Valbazen as a spring and summer wormer and Ivomec in the winter. Our vaccination program includes annual Covexin 8 shots and boosters of CD & T. Kids are started with CD&T shots before dehorning and given 2 boosters and then a yearly booster.

Does are allowed free range of our surrounding corrals in the summer, with supplemental feed as needed. We feed the best alfalfa possible, and in the winter a self made grain mixture of oats, milo, BOSS, and our own whole corn.

If you would like to reserve a kid we ask for a $50 deposit. If the kid you reserve is not born a second choice can be made or your deposit refunded. As breeders we reserve the right to pick replacements, but do so on a limited basis each year. Health certificates, kennels, shipping, and other like expenses are the buyers responsibility. Bucks are offered from approved does only. Each year we offer several milkers for sale in addition to kids. Please check our sales page for the newest listings.

Visits to the farm are welcomed on a notice basis.

Thank-you for Your Interest in Double Z!
Cristina Krantz
Welcome to Double Z!
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