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Revisionism is a Disease
You catch it from White Supremacist

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Those Who don't want to hear entire hate speech Click Below

Available With Mp3 & Transcript (File Size 516KB)

At the request of many people I have converted Dr. William Pierce hate speech into small downloadable size format (516 Kb) and they are available in "mp3 format" with transcript. Those who wish to hear entire hate speech that's available too chose your option. You have my permission to keep these mp3 & real audio files and give to other as long as they will be use to prevent racism and hatred. By the way I'm European "Of Aryan Origin" I am doing this because so called "White/European Supremacist" are promoting killing and murdering not just non-European but even European European who don't fit within the category of what "white/European supremacist & Nazi" define White Race, European Race or Aryan Race.


Those of you who may not know. Dr. William Pierce was a leader of National Alliance which consist of Anti Christian, Pro White and Pro Nazi and Anti-Jewish activity.

9th June, 2001 I caught Dr. William Pierce swearing God and Jesus. I am posting his audio here which will show you what he was saying & using profanity. You can see yourself that he was cursing Jesus and even God.

He said following things


Shit Jesus fucking god damn son of a bitch.

Please tell media, radio and newspaper that he was saying following things. If you are working with Human Rights please be kind enough to e-mail them audio file and transcript!

BTW Keep me anonymous I don’t want NATVAN threatening me.