Swaged 80-125 Grain Rounded Ogive, Hollow Base Slugs

Cast .395 round balls new item!

Swaged 80-90 Grain Extreme Hollow Base For Short Range

  "We make hand-made slugs for your reloading and shootingpleasure."
Custom designs available upon request, hollow points also. All swaged,all soft lead.
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WHY .375
for a .410 bore?

We make .375 slugs because they work so well in all types of .410 bores. Many, if not all, 410's are smaller than .410 at the muzzle.
Added with the basewad or shotcup of your choice,the soft lead skirts are designed to expand to near bore size, depending on your shotgun. Most factory loads are .375, as was the old Lyman slugs of the past. Most roundball .410 projectiles are .395 for the same reason.
Please tour the site and enjoy. Remember, these are
slugs only, not loaded ammo.

Doug Slug
85 grain slugs ready to shoot
"A place to purchase slugs and learn about loading 410 slugs. "To get to know those who do already.".............Doug Slug
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.395 or .375 balls in stock! tight fit!
est. May 2003