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A Little About Me:-)


This is a personal page just for fun, I live in St. Helena California I have lived here for over 30 years I do a lot of different things in the community but those things are discussed in more detail at DRD Enterprises which is my work web site.

My Hobbies:

I have to confess that my interests include:

    Touring the Napa Valley and its wineries (no surprise being where I live Napa Valley) another is volunteer work which includes the Napa Food Bank,  I am also a volunteer for the Transit Ambassadors Program of  the city of Napa/Napa County transit service as a transit ambassador( help people to learn how to use the local and surrounding area transit systems)

but most of all I enjoy spending time with friends and family and making new friends weather it be around town or on the Internet. 

hopefully this web site will be updated regularly but I must admit my work ties me up a lot

hope to talk to you soon

PS I am single :-)

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