Dougal Webster's Pages

Westies With Attitude

Hello, and welcome to Dougal's Pages. Along with Nooney and brother Angus we are Westies With Attitude. You can think of us as the Hanson Brothers of the Westie World.
These pages are "under Construction" but will have various westie and terrier things, plus some other weird stuff as well!

Meanwhile here is a photo of Ryan Duthie whilst he was playing for Manchester Storm. Last we heard , he was playing in Italy during the season 2000/1 .
Ciao Ryan, Dougal

On a different note,
here are a couple of photos of Connie Lush and Blues Shouter with John Lewis on lead guitar and some photos of Jump Jive and Swing in Sheffield. More music photos can be found on Roger's music photo pages.


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