7 Steps To Make Your Promotions Work... and Make Money

1) Look at your promotional pieces like your recipients will
see them.  Pretend you are them... get in their shoes, feel
their fears, doubts and skepticism.  Would you read and take
action on your promotions if you were them?

2) Are you asking them to take some form of action? If not, you
are throwing away your money. You must ask them to order,
request more information, ask for a free report, refer a
friend, upgrade, trade-in, or whatever it is you want them
to do. If you don't ask them - they won't do anything.

3) Do your top 3 benefits hit them between the eyes? Your
biggest benefits (to the clients) should be front and center
in your promotions... and they should make your customers
say "wow, this is me - exactly what I was
feeling/thinking/scared of!"

4) If your promotional piece written to them? Does it talk
about them? Count the mentions of "you or yours" and then
count the mention of "I, me, or we". If your promotions do
not mention "you or yours" at least 5 times more than the
other - rewrite it until it does.

5) Do you use proof? Testimonials, before and after photos,
case studies, specific proof and numbers. They will not
believe you until you do - so make sure you have ample proof
of your claims. Would you buy what you're selling based on
the information that is in your promotional piece?

6) Have you made your very best offer? More bonuses, better
payment options, stronger guarantees, bundled with other
products or services, time lines or deadlines? Do you give
them a reason to take action NOW?

7) Do you make it easy to take action now? Multiple ways they
can order or contact you? The easier you make it the more
they will respond.

If you are not doing the above - why not? How can you
honestly expect them to take action if you wouldn't? 

Extra effort at the front will ALWAYS pay off in the end.