Five Find-Outers
Fatty - 'Frederick Algernon Trotteville
Nicknamed ‘Fatty’ by the rest of the children as he is overweight and the fact that his initials spell out ‘FAT’.  Conceited yet intelligent boy who has too much pocket money.  Bruises very easily and enjoys showing off the bruises.  Master of disguise and ventriloquist.
Larry (Laurence) Daykin
Aged 13.  Initially head of the Find-Outers, before this role passes to Fatty in the 3rd mystery.
Bets (Elizabeth) Hilton
Younger sister to Pip.  Often sticks up for Fatty when the others tease him.  Initially is seen by the older children as she is seen as too young to be useful to the group, but often turns vital information.
Pip (Philip) Hilton
Aged 12.
Daisy (Margaret) Daykin
Aged 12 and sister to Larry.
Fatty’s black Scottie dog, who enjoys barking around Mr Goon’s ankles.
Other characters
Mr Theophilus Goon aka ‘Clear Orf’
The village policeman who always tells the Find-Outers to ‘Clear Orf’.  Arch rival to the Find Outers.
Inspector Jenks
Friend of the Find-Outers, to whom they report their solutions to the mysteries.
Ern, nephew of Mr Goon. 
Favourite saying is Loveaduck.  Writes poems, which he refers to as 'pomes'.
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