The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
For the full story of the Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
This is the 1st book in Enid Blytonís mystery series, first published in 1943.

Mrs Maria Minns, Mr Hickís cook.  She was stuck in her chair with rheumatism on the night of the fire and therefore couldnít have fired the cottage.

Tramp.  See hanging around the cottage on the day of the fire and caught stealing eggs from the hen house by Mr Hick.

Mr Horace Peeks.  Manservant / valet to Mr Hick.  On the day of the fire was sacked for wearing Mr Hickís clothes.  Refuses to give his whereabouts on the night of the fire.

Mr Smellie.  Had an argument with Mr Hick on the day of the fire.  Was out walking the night of the fire.  Was seen entering the cottage that night.

Footprint of rubber-soled shoe with criss-cross marking
Scrap of grey flannel cloth.
Other characters

Thomas, the chauffeur
Mrs Jones, sister of Mrs Minns
Lily, the maid in Mr Hickís house.
Mrs Miggle, the housekeeper to Mr Smellie
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