we discover a site we think is worth a look, we'll stick a link on this page. If you've got a website of your own and you want to put a link on this page then send us an e-mail with your site address and we'll check you out, (email link is at the bottom of this page) if we like it we'll link you up.

BURBs- British Unsigned Rock Bands...and they're also selling the latest Sugarwood release!

The Crack- The essential music listings magazine for the North East of England. The Crack- The essential music listings magazine for the North East of England.

Northern Recording- One of the North East's best studios run by the nicest guys you could hope to meet. The album, 'Catch a Breeze and Fly', the EP 'love loss and carparks' and the new record 'Devils & Sunlight' were recorded there.

Northern Recording

Counting Crows- Major US rock band.

Geffen Records- Cool label, cool bands, cool web site. The fact we're not signed yet has no bearing whatsoever on this blatant bit of crawling. Checkout the charts here. Some great music, and don't forget to vote for your favourite band (Ahem!!)

WWW.GASJAM.COM -" The Premiere Rock & Roll Website featuring the most up & coming BANDS & MUSIC CLASSIFIEDS." You've probably heard of this site it's had a lot of good press. Very good for bands doing thier own thing!!You can also buy the latest release SMOKE here.

INDIE The independent music directory. Well known producer, has worked with many famous artists including Bernard Butler and the Wannadies. He's also got a link on his site to ours!!


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