PC Building Basics
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Name: Doug Hanna
Email: douglas684@yahoo.com
    This page tells details on how to build, repair, or upgrade a basic computer. One may wonder why one would want to build a custom pc. Scenario 1:
     Your PC breaks down or you want to upgrade. You take it to a shop where they charge you $35/hour in labor and sell overpriced products. Would you like to know how to fix it yourself? Scenario 2:
     You go to an elctronic store, see PCs scattered across one shelf display, and the store has too many PCs to choose from. Do you pick the cheap one, or go with the "more you pay, the better you get" theory? Should you trust the salesmen to give good advice, or will they end up selling you a "lemon"?
     Learning the basics to building or repairing a PC are easy, and will pay off in the long run. If you would like to learn more, continue on to 
Session 1, The Clockwork.