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Our Four-Legged Furry Friends:  Squatters and Leg Lifters
This site is dedicated to the selfless, hardworking, giving individuals who have created and set aside special parks where dawgs can run and play and sniff butts and, in general, just act like dawgs are supposed to act.  That's why Doug's Place is sometimes affectionately known as the
(Watch Where You Step Place)
Douglas De Dawg has set up this web site specifically to promote and further the advancement of dawg parks, and all things "dawg friendly", via his pictures and stories of visits to these special places in his area of Florida.  When he's awake, Douglas De Dawg lives in Pinellas County, the home of world-famous cities such as Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, to name a few.  When he's asleep, we don't really know where he thinks he lives.  All four paws, his whiskers and his tail twitch a lot, and he "sleep barks".  We believe he's having dawgie dreams, with visions of himself dancing in his head as he romps and plays on a white sandy beach with other dawgs, but we're not absolutely positive about this.

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Special Dawg Club Bone-us Section

Dawgs love to ride around in cars and trucks with their heads sticking out of various windows.  This phenomenon is referred to as "Drive-By Sniffing".  Dawgs can cover more territory and sniff a whole lot of interesting smells in a short period of time.  This makes them very happy.  Doug's Place has its very own private limo, complete with special dawg conversions.

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After a fun day of romping around at dawg parks, you'll want to take advantage of this special facility at Doug's Place so you'll look (and smell) your very best!!

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An Afternoon At The Park

Another Day In A Dawg's Life

A Day In The Life Of Reba

Dawg Day Afternoon

Dawg-Gone Afternoon

Camilo's Birthday Party

Douglas De Dawg Visits Corky

Jack's Third Birthday Party

A Beachin' Kind Of Day

Sunday Night Pawball

>>> Notice of an Important Change on Doug's Place <<<

Douglas De Dawg went to the Rainbow Bridge in April 2004.  We were heartbroken. The month of May passed by and our hearts still had an empty space that needed to be filled.  In June we were talking with a good friend whose dawg had also recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  She put us in touch with her daughter who told us about some pretty cool dawgs at the Largo, FL, S.P.C.A.  We drove there the very same day and, lo and behold, we found The One.  He had Douglas De Dawg's "Pick Me Please" Good Dawgkeeping Seal Of Approval all over him.  When Frank asked him what his name was, he said, "Murph!"  We adopted Murph, brought him home and he immediately adopted our couch as his couch, his special place to practice the fine art of being a canine couch potato.  Frank looked up the word "murphy" in the dictionary.  It's an Irish slang word for a potato, as in couch potato.  So we officially named him Murph E. Dawg.

As a condition of his release from the S.P.C.A., aka The Rock, Murph E. Dawg must remain gainfully employed.  In order to meet this requirement, he has been appointed to the position of Editor-In-Chief of Doug's Place.  In addition to his editorial duties, he will be required to chase cats, squirrels, lizards and various assorted and sundry varmints in his yard, plus the occasional unwelcome door-to-door salespersonages who always show up at dinner time.  It is our hope that, in the near future, he will be trained to handle our telemarketer receiving department as well.  (Grrrrrrr!)

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My New Home

Tennis Ball, Anyone?

Stay tuned for more adventure postings by Murph E. Dawg.

Paw Pals
On this page you will find photos of special friends of Doug's Place

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Forever In Our Hearts

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