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Welcome to 2002!
The year is half way over, but this time of the year is the most important.
The many fun activities of Christmas and the time away from the teachers are now over.  This time of the year is when the most teaching goes on.  It is time for research, planning and preparation.
                                                                    Miss Ethridge
                       Teacher Info: I was born and raised outside
                    of Sulphur Springs.  I graduated from
                   Miller Grove High School in 1996.  I went to
                  college at East Texas Baptist University in
                  Marshall,Texas.  I graduated from there in
                  1999 with  a degree in Elementary Education.  This will be my third year teaching and my second year at Douglas School.   I am a member of Central Baptist church.  I love to hike, play sports, read and make crafts.  I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  When I was little I would pretend to teach my stuffed animals.  I never outgrew the desire to help someone else learn. Teaching is more than just a profession to me.  It is a chance for me to make a difference in someone's life.
Miss Ethridge
             Welcome to Our

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