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Mt. Rainier National Park Photos

Welcome!! Here's a chance for me to share a bit of my '97 summer in Washington with YOU!

I took the opportunity to work and live in Mt. Rainier National Park in the summer of '97. It is an extraordinary place - so beautiful! I spent my spare time hiking as much as possible and seeing all there was to see. From large snowfields to 35 square miles of crevassed glaciers, thundering waterfalls to raging rivers, deep canyons to gentle hills, millenium-old trees to brave alpine lillies, serene lakes to rocky summits, and all 14,411' of the sleeping giant, this park has much to offer. Enjoy and respect its gifts.

Want a report of my climb to the summit ?

(1)a view of the crater from the summit, Columbia Crest

(2) yours truly on the summit

(3) Point Success from the summit

(4) the crater rim

(5) Sunrise from Disappointment Cleaver

(6) Looking down at Camp Muir

(7) Camp Muir

(8) Ingraham Glacier

(9) my friend Heather, unafraid of some little crevasse

(10) on the Muir snowfield

(11) my campsite off the Van Trump Glacier

(12) a gorgeous sunset behind Pyramid Peak

(13) beautiful Narada Falls

(14) sunset at the Tatoosh Range

(15) Mt. Rainier from Eagle Peak

(16) Mt. Rainier on a clear day

(17) Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lake

(18) Reflection Lake

(19) Comet Falls (a)

(20) Comet Falls (b)

(21) Comet Falls(c)

(22) Tumtum Peak at sunset

(23) wildflowers

(24) Heather on the snowfield

(25) Beth from Maryland

(26) Kristine from Bellingham

(27) Melanie and a friendly marmot

(28) Melanie with her Ford :-(

(29) Paradise Inn

(30) above the Tatoosh

(31) a ferry in Seattle

(32) Chutla Peak

(33) Myrtle Falls

(34) Unicorn Peak

(35) Wonderland Trail

(36) Camping on Rampart Ridge

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