Cajun Crystals
(turbinado sugar)

The product, "Cajun Crystals', is a natural cane sugar produced from the juice of fresh cut Louisiana sugar cane. The natural vitamins and minerals found in the molasses remain on the sugar crystal giving it its distinctive old fashion natural flavor. The sugar is tumbled dry and bagged which allows the sugar to remain free flowing. "Cajun Crystals" is naturally sweet, naturally flavored, and naturally colored. No artificial or synthetic ingredients have been added. "Cajun Crystals" meets all FDA specifications and is FDA certified for direct consumption.




               50lb  sack  $65 **
               24lb  case  $43
               4.5lb  bag   $17

* prices include shipping in the continental United States.
** Please email for Zone 8 and Canadian pricing.

please call (337) 783-1610 or email us at leblanc@dmprovision.com to place an order.

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