Wildlife Paintings
Doug Lehnhardt

   I have been painting wildlife and portraits for over 35 years and have found that the success of a painting is directly related to the intimacy you experience with your subject.  When painting a wolf I spend time with a wolf.  Study his features movements his personality and try to capture them in the painting .  This would be the same for an eagle, lion, gorilla, tiger, horse, or even a cow or sheep.  Even my fantasy paintings have elements that were studied in reality such as the castles.

      The reproductions I have of my paintings are all signed and numbered and printed by me to maintain a faithful representation of the original.  A few of my 16x20 prints are lithographs but in the past 10 years I have been printing the larger prints also.  This allows me complete control and has the added benefit of allowing me to do some art shows that do not allow machine made prints.

     I hope you enjoy your visit,   Doug

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Dedication to Joyce