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Costa Rica
Jasper National Park
Take Action Against Lawn Chemicals
Boycott Animal Circuses


This is my list of environmental sites. Some are more obscure than others. Some are oriented to biologist & ornithologist-types but there are lots of great environmental groups to check out. My favorite charitable organizations are listed together.


Atlantic Region Green Lane - Environment Canada
Fundy Trail Parkway
Canadian Forest Service
Welcome to the United States Environmental

Environment NGO's

Conservation Council Of New Brunswick
Nature Conservancy of Canada
David Suzuki Foundation
Sierra Club of Canada
Sierra Club, Halifax
Environmental Defense Fund WorldWide
The Ecology Action Centre Halifax
Friends of the Earth
National Wildlife Federation - Population & Sprawl
Rocky Mountain Institute
Nova Scotia Public Lands Ecology Action
EnviroLink Home Page

(My Favorite Charities)

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - Protecting the Mountain Gorilla's
WWF-World Wildlife Fund Canada
The Balikpapan Orangutan Society
CanadianWildlifeFederation Home
Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Other Wildlife Sites

COSEWIC - Table of Contents
Friends of X'cacel
Ocean Futures (Keiko)
Save the Osa Peninsula
The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation
Northern Prairie Wildlife Centre
Mammal Species of the World Home
Outdoor Nova Scotia Volume 2 Whales and Dolphins

Mammals of Eastern Canada

Animal Welfare
Zoocheck Canada Inc. - Links
Vets Opposed to Imhumane Circus Environments
American Humane Association, Film Unit
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Border Collie Rescue
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies


Canadian Banding Office - CWS
Naturesongs Digital Recordings fromWorldwide Bird Checklists
Regional, State, and Local Checklists
Fatal Light Awareness Program Home Page
Birds of NS - NS Museum of Natural History
Stuart Tingley's Homepage
Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
American Ornithologists Union
Bird Study at the Cornell Laboratory
Techniques for Studying Nest Success of Ducks in Upland Habitats in the Prairie Pothole Region
Ducks at a Distance - A Waterfowl Identification Guide
Bird On!
Nature NB
New Zealand Birds Gallery
Bird Translations
Important Bird Areas Program


Healthy Lawns
Sierra Club - Pesticides
CHILDREN'S Health at Risk from Pesticide Exposure
The Propaganda Journal
National Cancer Institute
Real Alternatives to Toxic Environments
The Conservation Council
Taking Your Lawn Off Drugs
Garden Ants
In the News - Headlines - Welcome! 
Fair Fruit: Bitter fruit article 


Hormonally Active Agents
Monsanto "Our Past"
Monsanto - a legacy of fraud
Fight Genetically Altered Foods

Alternative Energy

Vision Quest Windelectric Inc.
Canadian Wind Energy Association
DEWI, Deutsches Wind Energie-Institut:
Wind Energy:
Wind Power Inc.
Enercon - Windenergieanlagen
Stuart Energy Systems


 Westmorland-Albert Solid Waste Corporation