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The Off Season Tidy Up

31 August 03

Well this is what we have been doing on the off season. The motor came out in June and we sent it back to Tony Marsh to do a complete refresh (hasn't been freshened for 2 seasons). All the body has come off and getting repainted, (red again) we have two new door panels and a new bonnet. I have reconditioned the steering quickener and I have just last weekend mounted new steel Affco shocks to the front and rear of the car. I've taken the side plate off the gearbox and undercut top gear, and changed my gear linkages, I have also repositioned my kill switch as well. 

After my last meeting last year in Wellington where I lost a front wheel, we have changed the studs from 7/16 to 5/8. I have replaced the right front caliper after the old one had created a crack at my last meeting in Wellington. We have replaced two front bumper braces, also the Diff has been in pieces and I've replaced both outer bearings on right rear, and we have replaced the front torsions.

Sean has repainted the chassis blue again, and the car is up in the air on jackstands and I'm just going over the car looking for the obvious wear and tear signs.  


Doug Walsh

16g Limited Saloon




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