Welcome! I have been trying to get this page started for a long time now with little success. (In other words, please bear with me.)
First, let me start by saying a little bit about myself. My name is Doug Whitaker and I am from the small town of Mantachie, MS. I have been collecting sports cards (mostly basketball and football) for over 20 years now. I have one child, my son Deklan, that is my pride and joy. He will hopefully have a very nice card collection handed down to him one day. In the mean time, Deklan already has a few cards that he actually got to open himself (he is only four as of the day that I am writing this.)
I am by no means an expert on the field of collecting sports cards but I do have a lot of very good experience at it. I have bought and sold many cards both in person and on Ebay.
I am working on a few little things on myspace right now and I will try to keep everyone updated on how that is going as time progresses.
To the right, there will be links to different pages that I feel will be handy to the novice sports card collector. I hope that this site will inform future collectors to the great joys that can be found in the hobby.