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Here's a few pictures of myself. (click on the pictures for a larger image)

Well another year has done flew by! Just four more months and I walk down the isle to accept a peice of paper that will help me get a job. Job! I have to work after I graduate. That's no fun. Well anyways let me introduce myself. My name is Doug and I'm 22 years old and live in southern West Virginia. I am currently attending Concord College in Athens, WV where I am majoring in Business Administration.

I have a big family with several brothers and sisters, me being the youngest. Some of my favorite hobbies are basketball, fishing and golf. I also love to watch Winston Cup racing and usually go to atleast one or two races a year.

Below are pictures you can check out-hope you enjoyed your stay & will come back soon.


Favorite Food-Pizza

(which brings us to question two)

Favorite Place to eat- Pizza Hut

Favorite Movie-Young Guns

Favorite Color-Blue

Favorite race car driver-Ricky Rudd


Rudd's new ride for 02. Check out all the new paint schemes at

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