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Welcome to Doujinishi Corporation's website! We hope that you find navigation to be easy, and that you enjoy your stay here. We offer many products, specializing in Naval Warfare, we offer the latest and greatest ships in the world. Most of our vessels have a Trimaran Hull, giving them the futureistic look you might be looking for, without sacrificing any power. All of our ships are run on an advanced form of the SUPERCET weapons system.

We do not sell to any nation under one week old, and do an extensive check on each nation's financial status. Allies of Doujin get a 10% discount on all purchases. We do NOT sell to enemies of Doujin, or nation's where Doujin has had conflict with in the past. NationStates is supposed to be a Free-Form RP "Game". As such, we would prefer that you do not do the standard "5 Speahead Class - 2.5 Billion *money wired*" reply, but rather role-play it out.

For example:
"Greetings. My nation has entrusted me with the procurement of naval vessels, and after long debate we came to the conclusion that Doujinishi Corporation could best suite our needs. We are interested in purchasing 5 Spearhead Class vessels for transportation of military personnel and equipment. We await your response.

Prime Minister Anoit
Eboda Ministry of Defense

As you see, it more fits the Role-Play aspect of NationStates, and makes it much more fun for all.

All prices have been checked and rechecked, and are based off real-life prices on these ships. Many of the ships I offer are real vessels, extensively modified of course. However, most of my ships are concept designs, and I have become the first to use these. The pictures and statistics are Copyrighted, using Camdea's Copyright and Trademark thread. Any attempt to resell any of the Trimaran Ships or use my statistics will result in the Copyright Protection Force declaring war on your nation.

CEO Inte Anoit
Doujinshi Corporation

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