Hello and welcome to my site.  I say mine, but this site is also maintained by two of my other friends, so we really share in the credit.... though i do most of the updating because I'm the only one who owns a scanner.

   Anyway, this site is many things (if not everchanging) it's a place to show off art, mine, and anyone else who doesnt really have a place to go with their work.  Multiple webcomics are also here (almost).  And I also have sections on my and my friends and some pictures too.  Though lastly, and deffinatly most importantly, this site is my little bit of freedom to rant and rave about whatever i want.... like the problems in todays world, and pretty much poke fun at anything i feel like, and you can too, with our bbs and chat.

   So come on in....if you haven't already stopped reading, either left, or gone in, and kick back, relax, and just have fun.