Hi, my name is Linda Gottfried!

I am a DONA (Doulas of North
America) Certified Doula.
I received my training from
Community Hospitals of
Indianapolis, and worked for them
as a birth doula for several
years following my training.
I now work with private clients,
and attend births at hospitals
in the Indianapolis area
and surrounding counties.
I have attended over 200 births since becoming a doula.

I have grown children, seven
beautiful granddaughters, and a
very handsome grandson.
My husband is a retired university
professor, and I became a doula
after retiring from a position in
the sales department of a corporation.

I have always felt passionate about
pregnancy and the birth experience and find the role I play as a doula
extremely rewarding. Nurturing is
second nature to me, and I have
formed wonderful bonds with the
couples and babies that I have
worked with.
What is a doula?

DOULA (Greek word for "mothering the mother")

Doulas are an essential part of a motherís labor team. Acting in a non-medical capacity, a doula gives:

explanations of medical procedures
emotional support
advice during pregnancy
exercise and physical suggestions to make pregnancy more comfortable
help with preparation of a birth plan
massage and other non-pharmacological pain relief measures
positioning suggestions during labor and birth
support to the partner so that they can love and encourage the laboring woman
advice to help avoid unnecessary interventions
help with breastfeeding preparation and beginnings
a written record of the birth

A doula remains at the side of the laboring mother through labor, delivery, and several hours postpartum.

Please view this informative video!
Do You Doula?

For more information, click here to send an e-mail to
Linda Gottfried, DONA Certified Birth Doula.

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