Danielle Johnson CD (DONA)
I am a birth doula and childbirth educator serving the Columbus, Ohio area along with most of Licking county.

My Experience:
I have served as a doula for around 20 families. These births included a wide variety of births including medicated and unmedicated, vaginal and cesarean, twins, preemies, and two waterbirths- one in the hospital , and one at home with midwives in attendance.

I have been a birth doula since mid 1999, took my DONA doula training seminar in November of 1999, and received my certification from Doulas of North America (DONA) in May 2000.

I have great interest in pursuing continuing education as a doula and have attended several childbirth related seminars. Most notably, I have attended "Doula Day 2001- Mastering the Art of Labor Support", Midwest Perinatal Conference 2002, and a 5 day seminar to train me to be a childbirth educator in the hospital setting.

I am a member of DONA, BirthWorkers of Central Ohio, and the Association of Christian Childbirth Professionals (see www.christianbirth.org).

You can contact me at (614)501-3101 or douladani@insight.rr.com for more information about what services I offer as a doula.
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My Info:
Danielle Johnson CD (DONA)
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