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From Paraiso, Dominican Republic  to NY
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I personnally invite you to  my world. It is a big pleasure to have the opportuinity to share with you part of my origin as well as the course of my life since the day I was born in the small but beautiful town of Paraiso, Barahona, RD. Hope you find entertainment and good information in your journey through my page.
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MEDICAL JOURNAL: Browse through the Medical Journal. A bilingual space for           the scientific co-existency
BLOG: Take a peek of my blog and read about my community activities & events
ABOUT ME: Get ready for this, It's about me, the journey from Paraiso Dom. Rep. to New York. Know my life from the "El patico's time", to the Medical Doctor.
PHOTO GALLERY: This also is about me, but in pictures. Follow my evolution through   the time
MY HOBBIES: Welcome to my fascinating world of sport. Find here the activities that  keep me young and strong, as well as some extra curricular secrets.
CONTACT ME: If after all these you have any questions, comments or suggestions,     please  e-mail me at: doumenle2002@yahoo.com
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