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...A leader in Duty Drawback Recoveries...
Evaluate your duty recovery opportunities, and apprise you of what you might  expect to recover;
Prepare drawback claims on your behalf to Customs for refund to you of $1.00  on the dollar of import duty previously paid, or of amount recoverable under  NAFTA;
Support you before and during any audit Customs may elect to perform of our  drawback procedures and records.
Top six reasons to use 'Doummar Customs  Drawbacks Consulting'
There are many advantages to using  Doummar Customs Drawbacks Consulting as your drawback specialists:
1. We eliminate substantial overhead cost in salary and space by handling  your drawback claims in our office.
2. We expedite the processing of your claims and improve your cash flow,  because we are in touch with Customs regularly in connection with claims filed  for our clients.
3. We ensure that your company recovers maximum dollars because quite often  companies that do drawback themselves miss opportunities because they are not  aware of most current regulations.
4. We provide continuity to your duty recovery program. Too often, an  employee handling your drawbacks takes all the knowledge with them when they  either retire, get promoted or leaves your company.
5. We provide assistance in case of an audit by Canada Customs and Revenue  Agency.
6. Please call us at (905) 567-4415 or fax your concerns to (905) 567-4797 and  we guarantee you will learn something new about drawbacks which will be  profitable to your company.
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