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Colonel RICK HUSBAND, US Air Force, Commander
Commander WILLIAM McCOOL, US Navy, Pilot
Lt. Colonel MICHAEL ANDERSON, US Air Force
Captain DAVID BROWN, US Navy
Commander LAUREL CLARK, U.S. Navy
Colonel ILAN RAMON, Israeli Air Force





Jan 27- The guestbook is running again. Click at the logo below to sign or at the menu bar to sign.The new site layout will probably be ready only by April.

              I have also changed the poll.

Dec 28- I am currently working on changing the whole layout for the site. It will take sometime as I'm busy with schoolwork and all.

             The guest book is temporarily down. For the moment you can just view previous entries. Sorry for the inconvenience

Dec 25- Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks for visiting this site

Dec11- Happy 36th birthday to Gary.

Dec 5 - The previous poll results on who works best with Nick 

              Grissom   11%

              Warrick   48%

              Sara          9%

              Catherine  22%

              Brass         0%

              Greg          8%              

Oct 30- Added a new poll and a quiz for Nick

                  Added a message board

Oct 25- Added a quiz for Warrick. 

                 Added quotes

             Added some George Eads pictures

            I haven't watched season 3 of CSI yet. So there is nothing on this site about season 3 yet.



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Justice is served

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