Contained in the following pages is some of the research I've done into the clothing of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The clothing was simple and comfortable and the poetry was absolutely amazing, but the times were raucous and often violent. In short, its the best time to locate a persona. (extremely biased opinion alert)

I hope that this site will be of some use to those who would like an overview of the times or those who would like an introduction to the art of garb construction. You can email me at reason_prevails@hotmail.com if you have questions or concerns, or even just to chat. Make sure to put something obvious like "RE: Clothing Site" in the subject line or I may unwittingly delete your message.

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More pages will be added as time and new research allow. While you're at it, why don't you take a look at my list of other sites?

Links Added a great many new links to research sites and beginner's guides.
How To Added a discussion of veils.

Visual Evidence Due to some (reasonable and founded) criticism I've started pulling everything even slightly OOP off the site. Bye bye Manesse Codex.

Links Added copious amounts of new links, updated page text

Visual Evidence Added images from the Alphonso X 'Libro des Juegos' (or 'Book of Games')
Definitions Added the following terms: cyclas, pellote, saya, tunic.

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DISCLAIMER: Some of the things on this site are purely conjectural or in some cases biased opinion. Much of the construction of garments in these centuries is open to debate, and so I've tried to flag the places where this is treated. Remember that any of the sites linked off this page are the property of their respective owners, and by that same token I'm not responsible for any of their content. Proceed with caution, yada :) Thanks.