Yes, it's true.

Cholula Hot Sauce is the center of an international conspiracy that makes Watergate seem like Mary Poppins!

This site reveals the evil-doers!  It also reveals Michelle Pfeiffer -- unfortuntely, it does not reveal her enough.
A Venetian boy scout smuggles Cholula Hot Sauce across the Grand Canal.  The scouts were lured into a life of crime by Obscure2K with promises of enhanced upgrade possibilities on future gondola trips.
Cholula (left) explains to Canarsie (right) and myself why we should become hot sauce CRAPS.
OttoGraham was unavailable for this meeting, having tried out a new recipe involving hot sauce on grits, resulting in a bad case of the CRAPS.
My BAG (Beautiful American Girlfriend) and I relax in Savannah.  It had been an exhausting day as the BAG had been pursued relentlessly by Mikey1003 who has the hots for her sauce.
My daughter (right), my UIG (Used Italian Girlfriend), and the UIG's daughter in a shopping spree in Verona.  My daughter's affinity for my Delta Amex forced me to abandon all dignity and agree to sell hot sauce door to door throughout the Middle East.  This is especially difficult when going to Beduin encampments whose tents have no doors.
Michelle Pfeiffer happily contemplates shifting my stick.  The following day, Michelle was traumatized when she spotted OzStamps whipping out his Cholula.  She said it gave a horrible new meaning to the phrase "Down Under."