This was my second website.
    Sometime shortly after I had my first computer experience in 1998, I built a personal webpage on angelfire.  That's gone; drifted off into the ether somehow, somewhere, and this is the second site I built.  I would like to keep it here purely for nostalgia, to be able to look back & see what I have learned since then.
    Other than this index page, and "index2," as of this moment my plan is to keep these pages the way they were "back then."
    Come see me on my personal homepage, and look what I've done with my own domain to promote my husband's writing...
January 13th 2004

juliebee's homepage

Hey, and welcome to my webspace.
Below is a picture of me with a couple friends and my trusty sidekick "Spot"


I'm a union electrician by trade, proud to be a member of IBEW LU 760.
One of the best things I've ever done for myself is go through the apprenticeship program of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

My Thoughts ...reasons to belong to a union
[and this is the path to the Trampguide Online]


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ...IBEW
Buy American, Build Union ...AFL/CIO
Swan Hotel of the jobs I've worked on (pix)


Credits ...this is where my clipart and gif images come from
Pix ...I think East Tennessee is beautiful, so will you


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