Dovehill Farm is nestled in rural NE Indiana. The name
honors the old gentleman, John Dove, and his ancestors who
lived, farmed and raised families on this sandy patch of high
ground that overlooks a river valley and a covered bridge. His
family had "homesteaded" here. This small tract of land was
part of the original 640 acre plot.
My Husband, Dan and I were married in 1969 and moved
into a small rental house just around the corner from Dovehill
Farm. Old John, as we came to call Mr. Dove, loved animals
and had an old yellow cat named Tom. We kept our horses in
his barn and they pastured on the hill which overlooked our
little house. The house was across the field which he planted to
beans, corn, or wheat on the off years. John loved our horses
as though they were his own. He farmed this ground with his
old Allis Chalmer WD45 until his death at age 83. That was
1973 and we bought "the little red house on the hill" when it
was sold at auction. It was like coming home.
Over the years we have had all kinds of critters here-not
having any children of our own- God sent us 4 legged creatures
to nuture and love. You'll see a few of the "family" elsewhere
throughout the site. A pet bunny named Annie joined
our critter gang in 1999. She was a blue holland lop doe. The rest
is history as they say. Our herd ranges in size from 40 to 100
of these lovely lop eared wonders.
While showing our rabbits helps affirm we are breeding in
the right direction for improvement. It is the friendships we
have made and have come to cherish most. Our brief years of
showing have led us to many wonderful and generous people.
It is to these people and Old John that I wish to dedicate this
site. It is for the love of all rabbits that we join and share
friendship. When the rabbits have all gone to Rainbow Ridge-
the friendships will continue.
Cheri Bushee

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