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About Us

  • Who we are
    Dove Marketing & Promotions is located in Lakeland, Florida, and locally serves the Tampa-Orlando area. But no matter where you are located we have ways to assist you. Our goal is to serve small to medium size businesses with the best in promotional materials, information, education, and tools. We also have programs and materials that serve the individual in business for themselves, or looking to start their own home based business.
  • What we offer
    • The Home Business Directory - If you are looking for a way to make extra income from your home we can show you how. [more]
    • Web Design & Hosting - Specializing in small to medium size businesses and orginizations. Find out how we can give you a dynamic web presence without busting your budget. [more]
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Business Articles

We are glad to provide these high quality articles that will entertain and educate with up to date business and home business information. Click here, or on the link above, to see business articles from Derek Williams and Home Business information from Brett Krkosska.

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