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The Rhythm and Praise Band White Dove welcomes you to their web site. Come on in, sit down a while, take your shoes off, put your feet up, you're on holy ground.

White Dove was formed a few years ago, the name White Dove was suggested and was   corroborated by God through a person who could not have known the bands name, stood up at a prayer meeting and gave a word of knowledge and said that she had a picture of a white dove, does this mean anything to anybody here. Well it did, to me, more than the person could have ever known.

The dove in scripture is often used as a picture of the Holy Spirit, and the members of the band believe that the Holy Spirit is inspiring their songs and hovering over their hearers.

In recent days the Lord has given us a burden for lost and for the people of God who need to be filled and equipped by the Holy Spirit.   

London City Mission

Premier Christian Radio

St Mary's Church, Walthamstow,



The band is available to play at any Christian venues and generally make no charge for their services. "We are not called into Christ's service to make money only Christians" 

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