Welcome to our MDA Camp page!

Our camp is located in Perry, Kansas. It is in one of the most beautiful locations in Kansas. We are lucky enough to be able to use the Chihowa Retreat Center. Memories have gained in my 6 years of MDA Camp.

For those who don't even know what MDA Camp is or who it is for. It's a camp for kids to young adults to go to ages 6-21 to go to. Each of us has a Counselor to be our arm and leg when we need it. I want to thank all of the Counselors who have gone to camp. Especially the ones who have gone for years. And they all do this for free. *CLAP CLAP* We have nurses and a doctor for emergency help and for our daily medications when needed.

Okay, okay time for the pictures. I finally finished MDA Camp. My many MDA camp friends have been waiting for a while for this. I love you all, even the ones who are now smiling down at us from above.

MDA Camp 99

MDA Camp 98

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