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My Day ~ One Last Time

I woke up to one more day,
to watch the sun rise again.
A cup of coffee and on my way,
to let this new day begin.

Travel down the road one more time,
to see my parents and my friends.
Everything seems to be fine,
as the morning nearly ends.

One more day of summer heat,
as autumn starts tomorrow.
I'm Tired, Me Too upon my feet,
but shoes to hide their sorrow.

The sun sets this afternoon,
and the darkness is soon to come.
Go to a friends ~ drink a few,
just for some birthday fun.

I had woke up to one more day,
not to know it would be my last.
Oh the things I wanted to say,
and ask forgiveness for my past.

It was my last day of sunshine,
It was my last night of stars,
Last day of the summertime,
Last time of wounds and scars.

By: Debra K. Hopkins

Written February 12, 2004
In Memory of My Special Brother, Leslie B. Ledford
Sept. 11, 1967 - Sept. 22, 2003
To Make Me Smile

As I think of you,
on this cold winter day,
My heart is so torn,
to think of how you went away.

I know your still with me,
at times when I hurt.
I can sometimes feel you,
through the nature and earth.

I can see you forcing,
the clouds above apart.
To let the sunshine through,
to shine upon my heart.

I know your only trying,
to make me smile a bit.
I will do my best for you,
as I always did.

So whenever I see the sun,
breaking through to bring a smile,
I will know it's you my brother,
with me all the while.

By: Debra K. Hopkins
Written January 17, 2004
Dreams Don't Come True

Dreams sometimes don't come true,
more often than they will.
Things could never happen to you,
at least that's the way you feel.

One day you wake up to find,
the pain hits you hard at home.
It seems your sun will never shine,
with your loved one forever gone.

Your days grow longer each night,
sleep is a word almost unheard of.
Memories keep sweeping your mind,
like the wind beneath the wings of a dove.

Dreams sometimes don't come true,
but the memories are here to stay.
Remember they always did love you,
and the pictures never fade away.

By: Debra K. Hopkins

Written February 18, 2004
I will keep writing poems and sharing them as long as I can. My brothers memory will always be here with me.
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Special Dove

The morning sun arises,
and the doves take flight.
One very special dove is there,
that was taken on a September night.

That dove had a broken wing,
but on his way to cure.
Everyone always loved him,
because his heart was always pure.

And still to this day,
that dove will spread his wings.
Good will come out from knowing him,
because he learned and taught us things.

Special dove I have known you,
through many years of time.
I am thankful for all you gave me,
and proud that you are a brother of mine.

By: Debra K. Hopkins
Written June 2, 2004