"Greetings, I am the Goddess of Angel."

"Welcome to my realm."

A rose...

As you open your eyes for the first time after your journey here you realize you are in a dimly lit sitting room. You look up to see a young, beautiful woman walking towards you. As you look closer you see she is smiling at you, and her enchanting blue eyes are sparkling, Her long dark hair is gleaming, and she is holding her hand out to you. She is inviting you in to see her magnificent haven. Intrigued, you turn and follow her, noticing her splendid wings as she walks ahead of you. As she walks she speaks to you, her captivating voice, you realize, is the one you heard as you awoke. You can’t help but listen intently.

“Welcome my dear, I am happy you have joined me in my domain. Please, let me show you around. I think you will enjoy yourself here, and feel free, to venture to where ever you please.”

Hearts for my Angel.

Burning Flame

"Enter Here Please."

Hearts for my Angel.