Welcome, I am Dongwan Kim.

I will look forward to your opinion, idea, and advice.

Hi. Let me tell you about myself.     I am working  as an assistant secretary, Office of the President, South Korea. I came back last year after I had taken the Master of Public Administration in Indiana University. My concentration was Public Finance, more specifically Municiple Bond Management. I continuously want to research it in Korea. I hope this page would be the forum of local public finance.  I always keep in mind that nobody can reach his goal with only  one brain and two hands. Let's discuss now. Please email me to the left address  Thanks.

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Where am I right now?

I brought  lots of data, text and articles on Public Finance. I really want to share this information. First of all, I inform you of it as I arrange. Then I will analyze the data of Korea and report it through this home page. Please stop by  and search what happens in this homepage. Whenever you have some Idea or advice, you should feel free to email me. I am very pleased to discuss with you.

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