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Welcome to: Down Spiral....

READ: This site is now inactive, to see more of my Alice Fanart/Fanfiction, proceed to Dead Doll

down: DESCENT, DEPRESSION; being in the state of reduced or lower activity; DEPRESSED, DEJECTED

spiral: winding around a center or pole and gradually receding from or approaching it

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01/09/02 Happy belated new year everyone. I got a new piece of 'My Fanart' up. I actually had it up a bit earlier but forgot to meantion it in this updates section -_-' Heh heh, well it's the one with Jacinda's card transforming Heart back into her human state (new uniform included, yeeey) Enjoy. Also, expect some new fanart real soon (as soon as I can fix my stupid scanner!

11/09/01: Not much of an update as some news. I changed my e-mail to
. Wow, big update -_-'

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