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weeks till Ric quits whining...
05/15/02 - Commentary:  The Life and Times...

- Commentary:  My Inner Hypocrite

- Commentary:  A Semester at a Glance

09/16/01 - Music Cover Reviews:  "Genie In A Bottle" by Evil Adam
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Coolful Thing of the Week:

   Halo.  A first-person shooter for X-Box with an awesome cooperative play mode.  Me and my buddy were glued to the set for 3 hours a day until we finished it.
of the Week:
  I'd have to declare myself to be this week's Dumbass - it takes a very special skill to not be able to get a job, despite my work experience history.  I've gotta be doing something quite heavily dumbassed for that to be the case...
... oh, who even cares?...
  "They hung in the air in exactly the same way that bricks don't."

- "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"
by Douglas Adams
ATTENTION, EVERYBODY!  My focus has changed - my life is far too uninteresting to maintain this site, therefore I am moving along to a new project, namely:  http://8-bit.tripod.com and http://board.to/gamespaz Please visit these sites, especially the first one.  It'll be updated regularly, and unlike this site, these two above named projects actually have a PURPOSE!!