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The DownEastCajun is
being forced to retire...
This site WAS what is officially called "cyberbegging" or "e-panhandling" on the net. 
Due to government restraints,
I am forced to STOP RECEIVING DONATIONS AND GIFTS in association with this page.  They consider it income, and they consider this web page self employment.

Because of my attempts to get a few donations to cover luxuries like electricity, phone, medication and therapy sessions, I am about to lose everything AND end up sleeping in my truck. 

Read below for details ...
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I'll try to keep it short. 

The Department of Human Services (who give me foodstamps and medical care) decided that it was time for my annual review (never mind that the reviews are supposed to come every three months), and in the course of that review, they inquired how I was meeting the discrepancy between what the City gave me for rent and the full amount of the rent.  I told them about this web page and my cyberbegging.

Well, they told me that this webpage was consid-ered SELF EMPLOYMENT and I had to report every CENT that came in as a result of this page.

That involved a week of intense hunting down of records (on my part) and lo and behold when I turned everything in, they cut my Medicare and my foodstamps. 

THEN, when I went to get my rent voucher to cover part of my rent from the city, lo and behold, DHS had beat me there, and I was DENIED payment of my rent.

Of course, when my landlord found out that there was a hitch in the works and that his rent would be a little late, he evicted me the next day.   *that was today, 8/27.  A real sweetheart isn't he?
So, that's where I stand.  Please do not send any donations or gifts to me as I haven't figured out how to hook up my computer in my blazer .. which is where I'll be living  after September 26. 

Thank you for your support.
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You can still email me, if you want, for as long as I have electricity and after that, i'll be restriced to public library time on a computer for a while
Updated Friday, 09/15//04.
Thanks and adios, you guys!

Craig Werner, M.D., Ph.D. Internal Medicine. Specialist in Infectious Diseases.