Latest Update
[130204] Deleted some pages which werent relevant, and some other test pages created ages ago when I first made this site.

[110104] Wow, the start of a new year, I haven't updated my site for nearly eight months and I still have a couple thousands of hits. I've been busy for a lot of the time, so I've only made small changes to this site that I haven't bothered to mention here. I've rearranged this home page so that it'll load up quicker, and made some checks on alignment and spelling throughout the site, nothing much.

[200403] I've added one trainer and one really useful trainer making (but only if you understand programming). Starting work on my fourth guide, on how to speed up time, and the skill of autorun, where your park is so good that you just leave it for a few hours to complete itself (but you have to put in some work too).

[130403] Over the last few days i've been making minor updates to different parts of the site, though today I've finished the 'Using Environment to Effect' guide, along with all pictures and text.
Chris Sawyer has added a pink water download for the park. download it [
If your game keeps freezing when you load it, go [HERE] for information on a patch to help fix your problem.

[050403] Ok, i've done pictures for all guides released and unrealesed, typed up all the guides that were written in my chinese workbook. Finshed the scoping out parks guide 100%. Got pictures for all the worbenches that i've done so far, which are Crazy Castle, Factory Capers and Lucky Lake, where I filled in half of the lake!

[300303] Published the second guide on scoping out parks, and it can be found in the Guides and Articles section; just click on the link at the top of this page.
On a different note - why is my internet so slow!!! It measures your actual speed [
HERE] and most of the time i'm lucky to hit 30kb/s, with the norm being about 20!
Its the easter holidays now, and so I should have more time to update this site.
Panda world is now avaliable to download from the official RCT2 site. Download it [
HERE] It goes under the normal difficulty parks section, and introduces panda themed scenery. In RCT2, scenery can now be downloaded from the internet. Follow the on-screen prompts when you open the park to install the necessary panda scenery.
This is a bit late I know, but there is going to be a RCT2 add-on pack, called
Wacky Worlds. The UK release date is set for the 1st of June.

[220303] Typed up loads of guides and finished the one that was online.

[010303] I've been working on the guides section for ages using the new look thing, and finally its working after the lengthly delay...oh yeh, and come back every week (or two weeks if I have english coursework) to get another guide. To make up for being late, I'm going to put another guide on as soon as I can.

[230203] Gave the main page a makeover and a more professional look. It's also easier to navigate now. Added new backup file, Crazy Castle, and have first two workbenches nearly ready - all I need is some pictures of them.

[090203] Put another RCT2 non-coaster online,
downpour, and have got all files sorted out for Electric fields, but have realised that I need some RCT completed parks first, so Forest Frontiers and Diamond Helights will probably be the first two. Designing guides and Articles screen. Bookmark this page or add it to your favourites so that you can find it easier, as this site is expanding all the time. New RCT2 track pack is now fully built, and the Nano-series is to be a set of 4 coasters that are small, cheap and exciting.

070203] Added a new RCT2 coaster, and have typed up the guides and articles. You can get to them by clicking on the link to the top-right of this page then I have activated the link. Crazy Castle is nearly completed, and downloads should appear over the weekend.

[020203] Another megapark online, Project 001, go [
HERE]. I've written out my first two articles in rough at Chinese School (!) and just have to type them up today. They're on Staff management (the way I do it, which seems to work well), and how to prepare troublesome parks for development. Workbenches are also on the way, avaliable as scenarios.

[270103] Exactcly three months after RCT2 arrived, I've finally completed my first scenario - Electric Fields. Backup and expanded versions to be published soon, leading me onto my second thing...
Completed parks are not basically expanded scenarios, that have been played past the completion date, to fill up the whole park.

[250103] Finally, the first mega park is completed and online, and the honour goes to Crazy Craters, a park built using the Crazy Craters scenario (duh!). There is no need for a trainer if you have already unlocked this park. Check it out [
Trainers are one of the most popular areas on this site, so i've decided to add some more of them! [

[240103] Over a month since the last update now, with Christmas, New year and exams getting in the way. I've decided to add new things to the website, such as twice monthly articles about the games to help beginners and experts alike.

: Most of the font on this website is written in your browser's default font, which may be different depending on whichever one you use. I use Internet Explorer 5.0 or something newer. If you know how to change it, do so. I use Times New Roman, so change it to that.
Also, get some friends or other people to visit this site, as the more people that visit, the more I will put on.
One completed Mega (ish!) park finished, and another one nearly completed, expect within week!

IMPORTANT FREAKY NEWS: For some reason, on some computers, the font size that you see is all messed up and different to what I write this website in. Firstly, try to change the font size under view, then font size. Change it to smallest. I hope that this is only a temporary problem, as it has happned before. Sorry that I have not updated the site, as it is Christmas. I'll see what I can do, but for the moment, you'll have to cope with it.

[091202] Added eight new parks in backup files, making a grand total of 14 parks now. You can see and download all of them [
HERE] There have also been 250 visitors in 2 months now!

[301102] Sorry about not updating the site in recent weeks, since I've had a few projects to do school-wise. I've sorted out a few errors and dead links on the site, especially the trainers section. Added a few new pictures and rides. Added a few new backup files, and will add completed parks soon.

[161102] Finally!!! I've got the first two hyper parks on site, and you can see them [
HERE] This will be the template for most of my parks now, so I should be able to get things done more quickly. I've also found a quicker way of editing pictures, due to the akward .PCX screenshot formats. I'll stick loads om my completed parks and backup files online soon.

[111102] Added two more RCT2 rides, and all info for first two hyper parks completed, total of 7 hyper park images. Need to upload to site. They are called: X-Ecutioner Style  and Ice madien

[091102] Sorry I haven't been updating this site for a week. School just started, so I'll probably have do most of my stuff at the weekend depending on how much homework I get. Added 4 RCT2 rollercoasters, which I did last week, but couldn't save because of a Geocities error. Hoping to get some parks up soon, just that I haven't found a decent layout yet. First two RCT2 non-coasters online-Icosphere and Steelworks GP. See and download them [
HERE] I also corrected some spelling mistakes (though not all!)

[311002] The first of the RCT2 rides is up, and it happens to be Junga Bear! If you have any comments
on the layout, email me at the above address! More rides coming tomorrow. I didn't have much time today due to Halloween and other stuff.

[271002] I've got RCT2! I spent most of last night playing it and designing tracks, so I didn't have time to update this site. I've built 2 coasters (both with full scenery), and they will appear on the site by tomorrow. I've got five non-coasters to put on the site, and all I need is some pictures. RCT2 has every type of customisation you can imagine, and it overwhelmed me completely! And here's one of the coasters that will be put on the site today. It's called Lazy Leopards, and is a junior rollercoaster. :-)

[221002] The co-existing RCT2 sections are now avaliable for trainers. You switch between RCT and RCT2 by clicking on the link on the top left of the page. And yes Siv, I made this website. :-)
Megaparks, backup files, scenarios and hyperparks
Rollercoasters, non rollercoasters and collections
Hack above maxium height, all rides, play god and more

needed to enable use of all RCT trianers and play locked scenarios.

Regardless of whether you are looking for RCT or RCT2 stuff, click on the appropriate link above, and follow where you want to go. If you are finding RCT2 stuff, there are two small buttons at the top-left of the page enabling you to switch between RCT and RCT2.
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