Download Center Has Screensavers,Boot Disk And Startup Screens

All these programs you need a program that's unzip these like winzip and the ms-dos has been moved to my briefcase.

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Program Size
Bikini Screensaver 1,748kb
Bikini 2 Screensaver 1,098kb
Black Screensaver 182kb
Marquee Screensaver 8kb
Boot Disk Size
Msdos 5.0 594kb
Msdos 6.0 640kb
Msdos 6.22 948kb
Msdos 7.0 320kb
Msdos 7.10 356kb
Msdos 8.00 279kb
Windows 95a 720kb
Windows 95b 813kb
Windows 98 775kb
Windows 98 Second Edtion 832kb
Windows Me 735kb
Windows 95 Startup Screen 97kb
Windows 98 Startup Screen 101kb
Windows 2000 Startup Screen 49kb
Windows Me Startup Screen 19kb
PC Tools 1 428kb
PC Tools 2 326kb

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