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Welcome to Downright Linear. Within you will find fanfictions from select authors who's talents are indisputable. Be warned many of these are Adult fanfictions, of ratings up to NC17. If you are underage, or offended by such writtings, may I suggest you go to for your reading material.

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The Golden Rules
1. All fanfictions must be complete works. No WIPS will be included.
2. All fanfictions must be Beta'ed or Spellchecked. Only quality fics will be allowed on this site.
3. All fanfictions must be clearly marked with Rating, Fandom, and Pairing.
4. All approved fanfictions will be posted as time permits. If you find a submitted work has not been posted, please email me with your concerns. New fics will be highlighted as posted.
5. Slash/Incestious fanfictions will not be posted.

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Updates: Feb, 03 Newely added and under construction a section for Crossing Jordan fanfictions. If you have a CJ fic or site you'd like to ad here, please email me.
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