YOOo wutsup we're the Downside Up bboy crew from Victoria BC, Canada. We've been around almost three years now and we're commin up! Our crew isn't as big as it use to be, so for now its just the three of us. Along with another local crew, Filthee Feet, not much happens around here. We're hoping to get out into the scene a little more in the near future so keep your eyes peeled! Don't forget to leave your mark in our guestbook and we hope to see y'all around sometime PEACE!
  • 11/29/03- Whewww, i'm finally done! Hope ya like it! Sign the Guest book.
  • 04/27/04- Fuckin crazy battle last night in vancouver! Down to Air (downsideup and ground to air) vs. Body Language! Can't wait for another one of those! Post up your thoughts!
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