The inspirations in my life come from my friends, family, and humor. My brother is one of my biggest supporters and I couldn't live without him in my life. My sister is always there for me and I am blessed beyond belief to have both these people related to me, 'cause they have no choice but to love me even with all my weirdness! :)

My friends are a big source of support. They are my lifelines. To hear "Kim, I am so proud of you" is worth a thousand words. I love and appreciate them with all my heart....and they all love me regardless of my weirdness so that says alot. :)

My unseen friends on my email loops and the people I have met on the message boards continue to help me with questions and support. I love having positive influences in my life!

Lastly, but definelty not the least, my husband, who loves me anyway or at any weight that I might be, has been very supportive and helpful with my program and my workout regime....and continues to be supportive as I go on ahead.

One thing I do on a regular basis is search for success stories on the net and have come across so many. It is a great inspiration to see so many reclaiming themselves and their bodies. I will start adding links soon.


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