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What I don't understand is why all these people try making there riceburners look nice on the outside when they don't have anything under the hood to back it up.  They put HUGE spoilers on the back that have no purpose, because they put down-force on the rear wheels, which all rice-burners are front-wheel drive, so all they do is make the car look worse.  Clear taillights? Please, that's the worst idea since FORD. That's why you see so many rice-burners smashed in the back, because you cant see any lights, but personally they look nicer when there smashed.  And the "Fart Tubes", that is the worst puniest noise I've ever heard in my life, if you want people to think your car has balls, you get loud, tough sounding mufflers, none of that puny sounding shit.  I don't care what you hear, yellow does not equal performance, all it does is make the car look like shit.  You will see every one out of two ricers with something yellow on there car, just watch.  And now, 20" rims, come on, what's the point, the tires are so thin, IF the cars could peel out, there would be no tire left. What I hate is when the get the big rims and tires on back, and put spare tires on the front.  What is that??? It's not snow tire season anymore.  They only buy two rims so they can say the car still cost more.... 

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