My Overview of Dowsing
Russ Thompson


 James Randi

Mr. Randi believes in nothing, and gleans quite a nice living writing books and by leading those who support him around by the nose. He ( The Randi Foundation put up a 1,000,000 Dollar challenge to anyone that could prove dowsing works. I suggested to Mr. Randi via email that he or a member of his team, bury a one ounce plastic container of water within a one acre plot of ground, Then take me to the area the following year and I would find it for him. He declined and said it had to done his way, his way is to never have to pay.
    I am sure he has to prick himself every morning with a needle to assure himself that he is alive, and it is not just another thing to be de-bunked.Mr. Randi you lose by default, But since my subsistence is not dependent on others, I ask you to donate it to the American cancer Society! Oh yes post it on the web when you do!

    First, let me start by saying that Dowsing, Well Witching, Map Dowsing, Remote Dowsing and your ability to do it; is directly related to how much you practice what you glean along the way. In some circles it is considered a form of witchcraft; nothing could be farther from the truth.
    Also there seems to be a myth a foot, that only a selected few can dowse, or it is a special talent given to one person by God.
    True, it is a God given talent, but so is the breath of life. My Wife Debie is one heck of an artist in several different mediums, and so is my son Travis.
    Yet although I enjoy sketching, my work satisfies me, but it is a far cry from art in any form except possibly abstract ( Chuckle ). We all have these talents, in my opinion they are genetic and can be traced back to the beginning of prerecorded time itself.
    Don't by any means let someone snow you! There is not a person alive than can not be taught the basics of dowsing ( to the level of finding a lost object or a water well ).

How I got started


    My Grandfather Adam Balliet taught me the basics of Dowsing at around the age of seven, long before I could be taught by society and science that such an act just isn't possible. Isn't the blissful ignorance of youth wonderful! Your mind is so open to the what if, and the realm of possibilities based deep within he human soul. In fact that is a key factor, creative visualization. What the mind can conceive, the heart can believe! That's kind of an over simplification of the fact, but close in essence.

    One of the first recorded proof's of dowsing here in the United States was found as a cave painting along the east coast. It was later proved to have been done by a group of nomadic hunters known as the Red Clay People. It showed a group of hunters tracking a herd by dowsing, Early man knew it worked, but then again he hadn't spent 12-20 years in our education system either.

    Our government use's dowser's, Oil and Gas companies use dowsers. Our military used dowsers during ww2 to locate water wells along forgotten trade routes in Africa. General Patten had two young men from Tennessee transferred to his unit. It is said that an Army moves on it's belly, I suggest that it and it's machines need water as well. Without these water wells we would have lost our butts on that front.

    During the Viet Nam conflict ( War for lack of a better term) We used dowsers to locate enemy tunnel systems and weapons cache's. Here our military brought in teams of dowsers, not to simply locate these materials, but to teach the skill to others. Then came the job nobody wanted, the "Tunnel Rat". The poor bastard that armed with a side arm and a satchel charge of c-4; would enter these underground labyrinths to seek and destroy. Not a bad job till you find out that most had to be done by complete darkness in the tunnel in case there was a guard on duty. If that weren't bad enough, our little buddies sometimes left behind a few small pit vipers. Yes no one except for the few volunteered for this job!

    Our government spent 35 million dollars over a 20 year period researching and perfecting a team of remote viewers, ( also a form of Dowsing ). Why? To gain intelligence about the USSR. Were we crazy? Well I don't think so! And neither did the Russian's, as they had their own teams doing the same thing.
To what degree of success, I doubt that we will ever know, yet the files on the project done by our government are a matter of record. Major Ed Bains has a web site up somewhere related to this as he was one of the team leaders. For a nominal fee he will instruct you via video tape and for a larger fee you can go to him for instruction or so I am told.

    But for those that doubt, well if dowsing wasn't real, why would our government spend 60 years perfecting the skill.

Anyone can Dowse!


    Yup; that's right, everyone within reach of the internet, or that simply walks on the face of the earth can learn to dowse effectively. It is not a matter of learning to Dowse, the basics can be taught to anyone within a day. If they are willing to listen with their spirit, and not their logic. Why, because it is simply not logical. No, you can't put this one in a box, you just have to except that dowsing, just is; and as real an a experience as the existence of both you and I.
    As I mentioned above I believe that Visualization is a key, not totally required, but a skill to learn to enhance your dowsing. I have taught many the basic skills. Really that's all you need. The key is what you do with them. No one ever performed a concert without years of practice. That is key number two, once you have the basic skills, use them as often as possible. Only by doing this will you improve. You might someday locate a treasure; but on the practical side, you could help someone. If you help locate something or someone for someone else, you have enriched both your lives. If a farmer needs water, and you can locate a well for him, he can in turn produce food. The end result is your simple act  has helped hundreds of people.
    In time you will not only be able to locate a well for the farmer, but you will also be able to tell him how far to drill for the well. Although you may locate 50 perspective well sites on his property, maybe only one or two may have good water with adequate flow to meet his needs.
    Do to the constant lack of forethought by our government, millions of acres of ground and billions of gallons of water have become toxic wastelands. Unfit for both habitation and or consumption. Truckloads of toxic and atomic waste have been poured into the earth, or buried in containers that are now spewing forth their lethal content into our underground aquifer.
    I don't believe I would even dig a well, until I could check out the local aquifer via the government and a team of qualified dowsers. Our stupidity as a race of humans has come back to haunt us and our children's grandchildren, should we as a race survive.
    This is where a dowser can help! But that is a skill that takes years of practice.
    Until I get a chance to add to this, I will leave you with this thought.

    With dowsing you can not predict the future. If so thousands of dowsers would be dividing countless lotteries. But anything that has it's base in reality whether past or present can be discovered through dowsing.
    My Grandfather had a saying " Dowse for need, not for greed, and your far more likely to succeed ! "

  And Never bite off more than you can chew. If the dowsing task you have been asked to help with is beyond your skill level; then admit to it. Ask for help, but don't make yourself a dowsing look bad for your the sake of your own pride.