Life of an Intern
Doxamarie M. Santa Maria
About me
Hello!  You can call me "Mae."  I am a Filipina in pursuit of my bachelor's degree in Recreational and Leisure Studies at San Jose State University.  During my free time from schoolwork, I enjoy being outdoors and having fun doing activities such as rollerblading, bike riding, swimming, dancing, hiking, and jet skiing.  My favorite quote is, "One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love."  -Count Leo Tolstoy
My Internship at Paramount's Great America
I was lucky to be given the opportunity to work in the Human Resources Department for Paramount's Great America.  My title there is Employee Representative.  The position entails interviewing applicants for line level positions such as food services, merchandise, rides, games, admissions, ecology, and janitorial.   My favorite part of the internship is visiting local high schools and city colleges and rousing students about the exciting seasonal positions at the biggest amusement park in the Bay area.  Click here to see pictures
Site Visit!
Our company visited the facilities of Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy, California.  We are facilitating operations for Bonfante for the time being.Both PGA and Bonfante Gardens focus on family enjoyment.  I am excited to be a part of these two wonderful places for my internship!
Working Student Life Looking into the Future
To support myself through my internship, I supplement my income by being a dental instructor at night at Bryman College in San Jose.  I teach 14 adults the skills they need to be effective dental assistants as well as prepare them to take the California State Board Exam to receive their registered license.
Graduation on May 22, 2003!! Yeee-hah!  I am excited to have more time in my hands to research and explore the field of adventure therapy.  Hopefully, I will find a graduate program that interests me and builds off of what I have already learned at SJSU.  In addition, I submitted an application for a 2-year dental hygiene program at Foothill College to begin Sept. '03.  Things are looking bright ahead!
At last I am solidifying my "chrysallis" stage.