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Fun Facts
about Dachshunds
Do you know that:
Dachshunds come in 6 varieties, 2 sizes & 3 coats:
standard & miniature;
smooth, long & wire hair
Dachshunds are often called silly names like wiener dogs, sausage dogs or hot dogs. Some people call them doxies
Dachshunds are small dogs, but think they are big dogs
Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers and retain their natural hunting instincts. Their favorite thing to hunt for is food
Dachshunds love to travel
& go places with people
Hi!  My name is JAKE
Dachshunds are very determined individuals
and can be very stubborn
I am a very special Dachshund dog
My people person is doxma

I am a great Dachshund diplomat
and have many friends and fans

I am very easy-going and friendly
and everyone who meets me
wants a dachshund just like me

I am very smart and do "pet tricks"
I am ambidextrous and can box &
do "Hi-Fives" with both front  paws
Dachshunds are really
little people in disguise
Dachshunds make great family pets & companions
& are good with children
Dachshunds are friendly
& affectionate;  not nasty, aggressive, fearful or shy
Dachshunds are sometimes 
defiant & disobedient, but life with one is never boring
Dachshunds are very clever & comical, and full of fun, but become very indignant when made fun of
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Dachshunds are very addictive. Once you have been owned by one & are hooked, you want more

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Dachshunds are well behaved when they want to be
Most dachshunds do not have back trouble. Responsible breeders breed from sound lines free from genetic defects