DoxyBlue on the Web: Guide to This 'n' That About Thailand

Full Trink Ahead: The (Mostly) Compleat Guide to Bernard Trink, the Bangkok Post's Nite Owl.
This is either the basis of a great research project or the world's greatest time-waster.

Want to make Windows95/98 write in Thai? Click here for the Thai Keyboards package.
Read the instructions before beginning. Doesn't include fonts.

World population by country in the ever-dangerous 20-34 age bracket:
2002 Ranked by Count of Surplus Females or 2002 Ranked by Males per 100 Females.

USD-THB exchange rates: A slightly dated technical chart and a 5-year historical chart.

Your real USD-THB exchange rate. Traveller's checks, cash or ATM -- which is really best?

Old nightlife maps. What ever happened to those NEP, Soi Cowboy and Patpong venues?

The Question of the 5 Houses. Contains spoliers. Procede with caution.

Well goddamn, what do you know, we've got a link trade in effect bay-bee!!
Chilli Lover's - World Fun Guide - to Thailand
May contain adult content and/or cause do-gooders to crap themselves.
Really, a nice section of catch-all Thailand links with some nightlife stuff [many other countries, too].

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Doxy - Greek doxa opinion, glory (from dokein to seem, seem good).

Blue - discolored as if by bruising; melancholy; profane, off-color; a treatment of metals; the hottest part of a flame.